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Guide to obtaining a truck driver’s license in Perth

There has never been a better time to learn how to drive a truck, and the experienced truck driver instructors at Royal Truck Training Academy can help you get your license quicker.

We provide one on one truck driver training for HC (Heavy Combination), HR (Heavy Rigid) and MC (Multi Combination).

Most of our students don’t have experience driving trucks. We take the time to move at your pace, so you are confident and comfortable at all times.

Each of our instructors and assessors have a certificate IV in industry skilled training, making them fully qualified to instruct students on how to operate trucks safely.

This varies from licence to license. Most courses are one-day but can be split into two days.

Also known as a Crashbox, this is still found in many heavy vehicles. A Crashbox gearbox requires the driver to double de-clutch between gear changes.

The gearbox that’s found in manual cars is also a synchromesh gearbox.

Re-assessments can be taken after seven days.

You can book by contacting us directly on 450 483 751  or visiting our contacts page.

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Payment must be made upfront in full before starting your truck driver training.

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